10 Best Tips for WordPress Beginners

For those who want to have an ecommerce site, the WordPress (WP) tool can be an excellent option for launching your new business. WordPress is an open-source program for building websites using PHP. It is one of the easiest options for creating a website or blogsite.

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform, but now it is enriched with a lot of plugins and widgets that can add lots of features to your site. It is free to install and you can easily modify it per your requirements.

WordPress offers hundreds of different themes and a wide array of designs for your website. Some of the themes are free and some are paid. WP is not very hard to use, but for those who are new to WP, here are some tips:

  1. WordPress Installation

When creating a WP site, you would not want to use the WordPress folder that shows up in your URL, or it will end with the URL like “mysite.com/WordPress”. In this case, you should install WP in the main directory of your computer or use a subdomain.

  1. Plugin Overload

Plugins can enrich your website. Plugins can do everything from changing font size and color to sharing to several social media accounts. Although these are great tools, be careful not to overuse them. Too many plugins can make your website slow to load. If you notice any problems with your site after installing any new plugin, deactivate it immediately and try to fix the problem.

  1. Pages and Posts

Post and pages are two different things. The content of the pages are embedded in the HTML code and are fixed. But posts may be dynamic. Visitors can interact with post content because they are changeable. The page content should be static, and the page names can be like Home, About Us, Terms, etc., but the posts should be your blogs or articles on different topics.

  1. Keep a Backup

Losing website data is a common occurrence. To prevent this, be sure to back up your WP site regularly. Some hosts provide a 24-hour backup if anything were to happen, but you may not be able to retrieve it all, so do not forget to regularly keep a backup of your website. There are plugins that can do this task for you. Just browse the plugin directory from “WordPress.org.” There you will find hundreds of options.

  1. Images Use

Use high-quality images on your page content and on your posts as well. This can increase your conversion rate dramatically. The use of relevant images is much better than text. Make sure you follow copyright laws when using images and add an alt text with all images. This will help to rank higher in search engine results.

  1. Remember Your Footer

It is very unfortunate that many people tend to overlook the footer of a website. It is a very important part of a website since you can add your copyright and business information here.  You may also add other pertinent links or information in the footer space. Make sure you keep it up to date.

  1. Choose a Theme

The theme is the visual element that represents your website. Don’t take choosing the theme lightly. The design and layout of a website is based on the theme. Ensure that your chosen theme properly represents your business and what you want to portray on your website. Once the all of the work on a website is done, you can’t change the theme easily, so take time to research the theme before choosing one for your website.

  1. Permalinks Customization

Permalinks are the URLs you provide on your post through WordPress. The default permalinks may be ugly or excessively long. You should change the structure and make it search engine friendly and user friendly. You can change the structure by clicking Settings > Permalinks. Here you will get several options or you can customize your own.

  1. Social Sharing

Social media is an essential part for your website. There are many plugin options for social sharing that allow your visitors to share your content on social pages easily. Use these plugins on your website but make sure you are using the latest version.

  1. Update Plugins

WordPress and all the plugins are constantly being improved. You need to keep up with all of the updated versions. There is chance your website can be hacked using the outdated version. You can update all of these with one mouse click. Just check for an update on your plugins or your admin dashboard and install it.

These website tips can easily help beginners to WP. If you follow these instructions, your website will be on its way to success. Choosing web hosting service provider is also an important part for the WP beginners. If can’t select the right web hosting then your website success may interrupt. So, it is strongly recommended to read the web hosting reviews before selecting hosting service for any website. Searching in web world, you may find many web hosting reviews websites and user opinion such as Jennifer’s iPage review can help a lot to choose the right hosting

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