Best Freelance Writing Job Boards – Part 2

It happens to every freelancer, including you. You’ve finished another writing gig. You sigh in relief and feel at peace. You’ve made another client’s dreams come true, and you can’t wait to do it again. So you see what’s next on your agenda. That’s when you panic.

You have no more assignments. What do you do?

The answer can often come in the form of a job board. These are essential tools for the dedicated freelancer that can make the difference between paying your bills or increasing your debt. Too many writers spend time responding to low-paying Craigslist posts or making cold calls that never pan out. Finding solid, reliable jobs is key.

Ryan posted a great article on three of the best job boards out there. I’m listing an additional four, including some niche sites that will narrow the focus on your search. If you don’t have regular freelancing income, these job boards will greatly help you filter the countless openings out there.

1) Morning Coffee Newsletter

Brian Scott does an outstanding job of collecting reliable postings from all over the Internet. Every weekday, he sends out this free newsletter listing jobs in every industry. Whether you’re a copywriter or an essayist, there’s something for you here! Did I mention it’s free?

2) FreelanceWriting

This is the home of the Morning Coffee Newsletter, and it’s a wonderful resource that includes jobs from major freelancing sites and other posts. Ads from Indeed, Elance, and more are assembled here for your convenience. While it might take a while to sort through the bad, it’s definitely a good additional resource to have in your toolbox.

3) Freelance Writing Jobs

As I said above, Craigslist is often full of low-paying ads, but this site compiles the more professional ones into daily lists. I can personally vouch for the value here––I’ve gotten two major gigs with FWJ’s help. As always, use caution when responding to posts and disclosing any sensitive information.

4) NewPages

For those of you who enjoy more creative writing, NewPages lists calls for submissions in numerous literary magazines, journals, digital publications, and more. The site covers both established and upcoming organizations, and the range is great for anyone wanting to break into the literary market.

These job boards, along with sites like Fiverr, will help you gain a steady income and lessen the worry that often accompanies freelancing. If you know of a trusty job board that wasn’t mentioned here, feel free to share it in the comments!

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