Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

Freelance writing is a difficult business, and I’ve outlined how to start in this post:

Introduction to Freelance Writing

But how do you make the leap? From small sites that barely pay pennies, to large corporations and renowned sites that will pay you a fair rate? Most job boards are terrible – there are lots of bidding wars and people willing to work for cheap prices with only a few hidden jems. But there are a few, where you have to contact the employers directly. Where quality is more important content. In this list, I’ll talk about 3 of them.

Best Freelance Writing Job Boards3 Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

If you’ve been reading about blogging, you’ve probably come across the blog Problogger. It’s got some nice eBooks, articles, and also one of the best freelance writing job boards.

1. Problogger – Lots of great jobs, and only serious employers go on there – the listing fee is $50 for a month! There’s on average around 2 listings every three days, so be sure to check it out often.

Next comes the Blogging Pro job board. BloggingPro is another great resource for bloggers with tons of resources that you should read regularly if you’re a blogger!

2. BloggingPro – More listing but quality of listings are lower than that of Problogger. Listing a job is free, so if you ever need to find a freelancer it’s a great place to start.

Then comes BAFB (Be a Freelance Blogger)’s forum job board. The owner of the site, Sophie Lizard pays freelancers $8-10 per listing they find from around the web, so you can be assured they’re always good quality. However, many top-tier freelancers get jobs from this job board so it’s hard to apply and get in.

3. BAFB Freelance Job Board – High quality listings, not that many though.

And if you’re content with writing for lower pay, you could always try the traditional bidding sites – Elance, Odesk, and Freelancer.

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