Bitronic Technologies Hosting Review

Hello Nukeblogger readers! Today, I’ll review a popular web hosting company – Bitronic Technologies. Bitronic technologies offers affordable web hosting with high quality, and some of their pros include:

  • Affordable Prices
  • Fast load speeds, using new technologies such as Varnish
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Real Sysadmin Support
  • They own their OWN servers.
  • And More!

In this review, we will focus on the shared hosting plan.


Bitronic Technologies offers SSD servers with 1GBPS connections, which basically makes it several times as quick as other hosts. They also offer a 30 day guraranteed refund policy, so you can have your money back if you don’t like the service. Their “affordable hosting” plans offer cPanel (the industry-standard control panel) and CloudLinux which is also a top competitor in its league. There’s also Softaculous, which is an automated script installer allowing you to install more than 320+ scripts at a simple click of the button.


The affordable hosting plan is indeed quite affordable. For only $1.99/mo, you get 2GB of SSD RAID10 Space and 50GB of Bandwidth. 2GB might not seem like a lot, but in truth most sites don’t need more then 1GB, especially if you host your images and other files (such as videos and audio) elsewhere. 10 MySQL databases are also provided. 10 is enough for most sites too.

If you need more resources and space, you can always consider upgrading to one of their larger plans, such as the Business Hosting Plan which offers 12gb Space and 250gb Bandwidth for $6.99/m0. If you want more control over your own servers, Bitronic Tech also offers VPS services and dedicated servers.

Customer Service

Bitronic Tech offers various forms of contact for customers. Other then the normal ticket system which is quite common, they also provide an extensive knowledgebase with hundreds of articles. But the most impressive part about their customer service is that they have direct phone support! That is very rare. They also provide the number on their website so you can phone them anytime to ask about their services.


Websites hosted on Bitronic tech will load super-fast! You can’t beat SSD drives and a 1GBPS connection in their servers. Plus, Varnish helps load your sites even faster. As for uptime, their uptime guarantee is 99.9% (the 0.01% is for scheduled maintenance time).

Look and Feel

Many might think this is not important, but I know from personal experience that if a web host’s web design looks like it was made in the 1990’s, then it’s quality will probably be similar to that of a Floppy Drive. Luckily, Bitronic Tech’s website looks modern and is easy to navigate.

Bitronic Tech Review – Verdict

Overall, Bitronic Tech is a great host and is a good, solid choice for affordable hosting.

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