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There are many URL shorteners out there that allow you to shorten your links, and we have reviewed some of them in the past, such as Today, we will be reviewing, a premium URL shortener. It is also an interstitial ad server.
There are two ways to earn from
1. Link Shortening – Similar to other services like,, etc. but with high CPMs. An interstital ad covering the whole page will be shown when users shorten a link. One interesting thing to note is that Clk.IM does not pay its users a flat fee, but instead uses a revenue sharing system. This can be quite lucrative when you hear that some users received $20 eCPM for their US traffic! Since pays out 70% revenue share, the users received $14 per 1000 views. Don’t expect your traffic to earn $20 eCPM though, if it is lower quality. Personally, I think that this system is great because it allows webmasters with quality traffic to earn more.
2. Interstital Ad Server – This is where things start to get interesting. allows you to pay for a premium subscription, and you will be allowed to place your own ads/affiliate links/landing pages (where the 5 seconds are occuring). This allows you to potentially negotiate more lucrative ad deals with more relevant advertisers for your own ads, or even promote your own products! Since you have full control over what ads you are showing, you could receive better click rates. Unlike the regular service, you receive 100% of the money you make through ad deals, etc. and only charges for a monthly subscription of $14.99.’s shortener has an abundance of features available, including password-protected links, QR codes, geotargeting links, and analytics for individual links. Link shortening can often be quite tiring, and Clk.IM makes it easy for us with several automatic tools for website shortening, a helpful API, a WordPress plugin, etc. to make the process simpler.’s unique WordPress plugin allows webmasters to automatically shorten links. It is a very powerful plugin that has tons of settings you can chose from, such as shortening only external links, only links on a type of page, etc. This can be especially powerful for download sites so you don’t have to manually shorten all the links but rather shorten them all at once with a click.

Do note that does not allow adult/illegal content sites or allow webmasters to link to those sites. Link chains are also forbidden (a link shortener linking to another link shortener). They also have a nice referral program with 5% revenue share from referrals, and 25% commission per month if referrals upgrade to a pro account.

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