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This post has been updated June 2017 – Cloud With Me has recently increased its offering to not just AWS, but Microsoft Azure as well.

What is Cloud With Me?

If you’re looking to find a place to host your website in 2017, you’ve probably heard of Amazon Web Services (AWS). For those of you who don’t know, AWS is Amazon’s Cloud Computing Platform where it provides tools for modern companies to build out its cloud presence. It’s used by developers and fortune-500 companies worldwide, with clients ranging from Spotify and Netflix to BMW and NASA. The strength of Amazon Web Services is its large range of services and its scalable and powerful servers. However, for the average person who just wants to setup their very first blog, an online presence for their small business, or an eCommerce shop, AWS can seem very confusing and difficult to use. Which product is the right one for you? How should you configure your server? How do you install WordPress, Joomla, or some other CMS on your site?

AWS Console

Not very user-friendly, is it?

Any non-technical person would easily be scared away by AWS’s confusing interface. Cloud With Me is an excellent solution – in a nutshell, they take all the pros of the AWS platform allow you to setup your own AWS server quickly and easily without much confusion. For any online business from an average blogger to an enterprise firm, this is perfect. In this article, I’ll be explaining why YOU should use Cloud With Me, what features it provides, how to get started with it, as well as talk about its affiliate program.

Why should YOU use Cloud With Me?

If you’re currently using shared hosting or a small VPS for your website, I would strongly suggest moving to Cloud With Me especially if your website is growing. AWS is a very stable platform that is provided by one of the largest companies in the world (Amazon), so there’s little chance of it going down or being hacked easily. In short, it’s very reliable. It’s also very fast, which is very important. Google actually takes site speed into consideration for SEO, so faster page loading speeds will help your website rank higher in Google.

Azure is a service similar to AWS, but it is provided by Microsoft instead of Amazon. They provide an extra level of security and stability compared to other cloud hosting services, promising 99.99% uptime.

With Cloud With Me’s managed hosting solutions, you can setup an AWS or Azure instance and starting hosting your website in a few clicks and 10 minutes, as opposed to having to painstakingly setup the server if you bought it directly from AWS or from other brands. There are also a number of other strengths of using Cloud With Me as opposed to shared hosting, which you can see here.

How does Cloud With Me work?

AWS at its core is just a server (a very fast and secure one), but at the end of the day, if you aren’t aware of how to set it up, it’s next to useless to you. Cloud With Me provides you free addons for the basic features of any server, including MySQL databases, FTP file transfer, email, as well as Google Analytics. Note that all these are free. The way that Cloud With Me makes money, is if you want to install any of the paid addons. Most of them are CMSes (content management systems), such as WordPress for blogging or Magento for e-commerce. It’s also very easy to migrate from regular shared hosting to Cloud With Me cloud hosting. According to them:

This process is simple. Our dashboard is designed to make the migration process as simple and quick as possible.

So let’s try to actually setup a managed server. First of all, you can choose between Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. CloudWithMe - Chose Server Provider Then, you enter the domain name that your website will be on and the server region you would prefer. There are plenty of options stretching from Australia and Singapore, to Germany and Brazil. It’s best to pick a location close to where your main audience lives, so for example if your main audience is coming from Europe, you could choose to host the website in Germany. CloudWithMe - Choose Domain and Region

Third, you must choose the size of your server based on how much memory, storage, power, and bandwidth you need. Then, you get to pick from free and paid addons to add to your server to enhance its functionality.

NukeBlogger runs on WordPress, so that’s what I’d chose when I set up my server. Next, you pick how powerful of a server you would like. For small startups just starting out, the Basic and Startup plan would be adequate. If you’re getting more traffic, then you can consider using the business/enterprise plans.CloudWithMe - Choose Server Type

Lastly, I make my payment through either PayPal or credit card. You can get a better price if you pay annually instead of monthly, so feel free to choose that option if you would like to get the long-term savings. You can also use the coupon code save100 to get $100 off your order! CloudWithMe - Payment

Earn money from the Cloud With Me Affiliate Program

Cloud With Me has also recently launched an affiliate program for its managed AWS hosting services. For those who don’t know what an affiliate program is, it’s like a refer-a-friend program where you get paid everytime someone makes a purchase on a website through your link. You can find details about their commission rate here, but in a nutshell they pay out $25 for every paid addon installed by a hosting customer and $100 for every managed hosting customer you refer. They also offer some pretty good features for their partners (affiliates):

  • Affiliate managers: This is a very underrated feature of some affiliate programs, and I’m glad Cloud With Me offers it. Affiliate managers work with you to improve conversion rates and help both Cloud With Me and you grow your revenue from the affiliate program.
  • Quality product: Their product isn’t some kind of junk or low-quality scam that you’d be ashamed to be associated with; instead, it’s an innovative product that solves a true need. This means that a lot of your readers/friends will want to use it and you’ll enjoy a higher conversion rate.
  • Creatives: These are banners, etc. that you can use on your website or social media to attract visitors. Unlike other programs however, Cloud With Me’s creatives are available in multiple languages thanks to their international team. If you run in a site or have a primary audience/friends in a different language such as Spanish or French, this is very important.

Oh, and this is a good time to also mention that Cloud With Me itself is available in many different languages, so if your first language isn’t English don’t worry. Cloud With Me Languages

Final Thoughts on Cloud With Me

Cloud hosting is definitely the future of hosting, and AWS is one of the best providers. I really love how Cloud With Me simplifies the whole experience in a user-friendly way that anyone can embrace the power of the cloud and setup their blog on AWS servers. The pricing is very straightforward. If you purchase self hosting, you pay AWS directly for the servers and you pay Cloud With Me for every paid addon you want to use. If you purchase managed hosting, you pay Cloud With Me for both the servers and the addons you wish to use, but the setup is even more simple and you won’t even have to touch AWS’s console.

Even if you aren’t going to use Cloud With Me, you can still earn money through its affiliate program when you refer your friends and family to their service. Now that’s a win-win! Your non-technical friends get to host their sites on an AWS server, while you get to pocket some extra money. If you enjoyed this article, make sure to give it a share on social media and comment below if you have any questions or thoughts on Cloud With Me.

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