David Braun Interview: Behind the Scenes of a Giant Company

More than 22,000 design templates, more than 20 million customers served, hundreds of thousands templates turned into websites and live at this very moment – these impressive numbers describe the working rhythm of TemplateMonster, the oldest template provider on the Web. They also made it to the Top-3 Template Providers on TrustPilot last year, so you might be interested who is behind the scenes of this company.

David Braun

Today, we are going to talk to David Brown, a CEO of this giant company and ask him everything that could inspire you in your work.

Interviewer: Hello David, it’s nice finally to meet you in person. I’ve heard a lot of your company and even tried out several templates.

David: Thank you for having me here and thank you for interest in TemplateMonster.

Interviewer: If you could describe your company in 1 sentence, how would it sound like?

David: We are a bunch of highly-motivated web development fans who love what they do since 2004.

Interviewer: That’s sounds great. Please tell me about how it all started, who made this, why you chose web design and not something else.

David: TemplateMonster became a template-producing company in 2004, but the story had begun before that. To be precise, 4 years before that. We used to be a successful web design studio who helped people create their first websites. That was the very beginning of web design, so there were not many competitors. However, a big part of our customers were not happy with a price of custom design. There was nothing we could do – we couldn’t cut, but neither did I want to lose the customers. One day, I saw one of our best designers working with templates that he had created himself, and I realized that this was it – we could create templates. That would be a great solution as this could make web design cheaper and more affordable to everyone interested. Soon after that we turned our agency into a template-producing company.

Interviewer: Sounds like this whole 15-year old TemplateMonster story owes its existence to one idea.

David: Partly you are right. There was something else rather than just an idea – we were dedicated to our work and we never stopped in being creative. Don’t take it as bragging, but being part of an inspiring team like our TemplateMonster team may ignite any person. It’s all about synergy.

Interviewer: That is amazing, I just wanted to ask you to choose between 2 notions – single worker or teamwork.

David: You are right, I’d choose team work. Besides, one of the latest trends of the last years is focusing on a team work and the atmosphere inside rather than on single individuals. Scrum and agile systems imply this, and they work really well.

David Braun

Interviewer:What inspires you to be an effective CEO?

David: That’s a good question… I would name several things – sport, books, new ideas, family, drums.

Interviewer: What are your customers and what do you offer to them?

David: We create templates both for end-users and for web-developers. So, we have templates for all popular CMS, a huge range of e-Commerce templates, PSD templates, website templates. What we focused on during the last couple years is multipurpose themes. For WordPress themes it’s Monstroid, for HTML templates it’s Starbis and so on.

See the Template

StarbisSee the Template

Interviewer: What does “competition” mean to you?

David: Improvement. Competition motivates. Thanks to the competition of template providers, people from all over the world may download free high-quality templates, because this is exactly what almost every template provider offers, this is how we are able to show our customers the quality of our work.

Interviewer: And, finally, what would be the list of books that you’d recommend reading?

David: Wow, recollecting all the books worth reading would be difficult… I could name the books which impressed me recently – those are “Thinking: Fast and Slow”, “Delivering Happiness”, “The Lean Startup” and “Scrum”. Also, I remember our blog, MonsterPost, publishing a list of 100 must-reads.

Interviewer: The books you’ve named are really great, I agree. It’s been a pleasure to talk to you, David. Hope to see you soon again!

David: The pleasure was all mine.

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