Free hosting vs Paid Hosting – Which one should I use?

free hositng vs paid hostingFree Hosting VS Paid Hosting – Intro

Setting up a new blog is hard, but what is even harder is investing your precious $50 in some paid hosting, when you can just use that awesome free hosting company that told you there would be no ads and unlimited bandwidth! (Read the fine print – If you use too much resources you get banned!) Have you ever wondered whether you should use paid hosting or free hosting for your new blog? Free hosting vs paid hosting, and paid hosting always have more advantages than disadvantages!


1. More Bandwidth and Disk Space

If your site starts to attract more visitors, your free hosting bandwidth will run out, and your visitors won’t be able to access your website! Most free hosts offer a tiny amount of disk space and store your websites with a few hundred other ones on one weak server. This is one part in free hosting vs paid hosting where paid hosting is definitely better.

2. They make money from your site

Many free hosts put all kind of ads on your website, from pop unders (those are extremely annoying) to a tiny sign saying “free hosting by xxxhost”on the bottom of your page. That looks extremely unprofessional, and makes visitors less likely to enjoy and trust your site! The worst kind is those who promise you lots of bandwidth and disk space, so you happily setup your blog, only to find out they had put ugly banners all around it!  Free hosting vs paid hosting – Paid Hosting wins again! Free hosting may save you some money in the short term, but for the long term, it makes you lose money by scaring away visitors and reducing your traffic, therefore your revenue!

3. Unreliable

Free hosts are really unreliable! I used to host a few sites on a free host a year ago, and one day, the free host just shut down, and I lost my website. And since it was a free host, there wasn’t any backup, so I couldn’t retrieve it! So if you’re just starting your new blog, put hundreds of hours worth of work into it, finally managed to let it get to the front page of Google, and just started to earn a buck or two each day from Adsense, and suddenly, Oops! Your free host shut down and you lost all your traffic, income, and time! What a disaster! Free hosting vs paid hosting – wow, free hosting loses again! The best way to solve that, is to use a paid host. Indeed, some of them are quite cheap, at less than $25 a year!

free hosting vs paid hostingFree Hosting VS Paid Hosting – Verdict

When you compare free hosting vs paid hosting, paid hosting is always better. There’s this saying – “There’s no Free Lunch”, and it applies to the hosting industry too. If a host offers a free service, there must be a catch of some kind, maybe some ads, slow load times, unreliable services, etc. You’re better off using a paid host!


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