Google Fonts Review – What is it?

Ever seen an awesome looking font on the web, but don’t know where to get it? Feel that you’re always stuck with Times New Roman and Calibri and Verdana? Want to find good looking, graceful fonts that don’t cost a dime?

Google has you covered. All the fonts listed on Google Fonts are free – completely free! You are even provided with simple instructions as to how to use them.

Google Fonts ReviewUnder each font, there is a “quick use” button that you can quickly use to implement the font in your website. Alternatively, you can also use a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily insert Google Fonts into your WordPress website. The plugin is called WP Google Fonts, and you can find it here (click “skip ad” to get there! The link is an implementation of – see my review here.)

Best Google Fonts

  1. Lato – a clean and easy font, used by a lot of websites around the web. One of the most popular Google Fonts, and it loads quickly.
  2. Raleway – this is slightly more artistic, and features an interesting curve. One thing to note – it loads slower.
  3. Lobster – a very popular artistic font on the web! Great looking, handwriting-based design, and personally I find that it works great with logos.
  4. Ubuntu – this typeface is used in the Ubuntu operating system, the second most popular linux operating system in the world after Android.
  5. Oxygen – Another font that is was used in operating systems! The Oxygen font was created as part as the KDE project. It is a great general font for a variety of uses.


Google Fonts Review – Verdict

This is a vibrant platform to find great fonts! I use it for many of my personal projects, as you can usually find a lot of good looking fonts on here. Using the fonts is easy too. Best of all, it’s all free!



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