How to Promote Your Website Online for Free

Hi there! Today I’m going to talk about how to promote your website online for free.

So You’ve written great content and put a lot of work into your site – now you want a lot of people to see it! However, your stats counter still says “5 views today”, in which you refreshed it 4 times and your friend viewed it once.

1. Forums
There are many ways you can drive traffic to your site using forums. For example, you could insert a link to your website in forum signature along with some interesting text that makes the reader want to click on it. Another way is when someone asks a question, link to a post at your site that is relevant. There are some promotional forums that you can use too or an “Adertising area” that is common in forums.

2. Social Media
Social networks are the new thing now! Anything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, are great networks you can use to help you in your efforts to promote the site. After building a following be sure to post links to your own site/sites and other interesting content around the web too.

3. SEO
Google is the quickest way to get LOTS of traffic. You can drive traffic through SEO by inserting valid keywords, and making sure your site follows all the SEO requirements. If it does not, make sure to fix those errors ASAP!

4. Comment
Find relative blogs and websites, and find a similar post. Underneath it, post a link to your article! This is very useful – once I got around 100-200 views per day just from one comment on Cnet.

5. Advertising
This is obviously the fastest way of all, although this will cost quite some money. There are many places you can advertise from, such as Google’s Adsense program or Facebook Ads. You can also find custom ad deals on other’s websites!

That’s it for today – How to Promote Your Website Online For free, and feel free to ask questions below! And don’t forget to check out our newly launched eBook here.

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