How to Start a Fiverr Business – Part 3

Hello, Ryan here. Ian, a writer based in Ohio, will be contributing a series of guest posts titled “How to Start a Fiverr Business”. This is part 3.

In my first two posts, I shared a little about my experience with Fiverr and gave some tips on navigating the site as a new seller. This time, I’ll be giving some advice on client satisfaction and other essential things you need to know.

When you get your first order, everything should happen pretty naturally. The turnaround time that you set will begin to count down, and it’ll be up to you to do your thing and deliver. However, what happens in between is important, too.

So here’s Tip #3: Communicate with your client. Communication (or the lack thereof) will make or break an order. If a seller is unclear or lacking information, you have to resolve it. And believe me, you’ll need to. Once I got a message saying “need bio.” Sometimes, customers simply don’t know any better. They need help, and the onus is always on you to make it up. Not to mention that whether it’s in the form of asking for clarification or providing updates, communication will set you apart from other sellers. I guarantee it.

Aside form that, I’ll just reinforce some basics. Deliver on time, be clear with the client, treat them well, and everything will go smoothly. The great thing about Fiverr is its upward mobility. In six months, I became a Level 2 seller, which is the highest earned level. (Fiverr moderators will choose some high-traffic sellers to feature on the front page as Top Rated Sellers, the highest seller level.) Consistency in quality will help you the most, so always chase after that.

In Part 4, I give you the tips I’ve learned to be the most important––solutions that will make your Fiverr experience easier.

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