Creating a How To Video Guide for Bloggers (featuring Movavi Screen Capture)

If you take a casual glance at the types of videos available on YouTube and other streaming sites, you’ll see that “how to” videos are all the rage. It makes sense, after all, since they show people what to do instead of telling them. They’re a great visual aid to enhance any piece of content.

As a professional blogger, why not create your own video guide packed with tips on how others can improve their blogging? You could not only use that video as content on your own blog, but also use it to market and generate traffic as well.

The one thing that you may feel is standing in your way is the fact that you’re probably not all that sure how to create a video guide – which is where the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be a huge help.

How to Make a How-to Video

Creating the Video Guide

Because the Movavi Screen Capture Studio is so user-friendly, learning how to make a how-to video is not complicated at all. The best way to start is by recording the initial footage for the video. All you need to do is:

1. Select the capture region by positioning the capture window (or choose ‘full screen’ if you’d prefer that).

2. Set the audio source to ‘Microphone’ if you want to record a voice-over.

3. Start the recording by clicking ‘REC’.

4. When the recording is done, stop it and save it in a format of your choosing.

Of course, that’s just the basics, but it should give you an idea of how easy it is to use the Movavi Screen Capture Studio. By using its other features, you can really capitalize on all that is has to offer and start to:

  • Remove unnecessary footage by trimming it out of the recording.
  • Rearrange the sequence of the recording by cutting the video into segments and moving them around.
  • Enhance the quality of the video and correct problems such as blurry, interlaced, or pixelated video.
  • Insert customizable text as subtitles or captions.
  • Add audio tracks to include background music or voiceovers (if you didn’t record one as part of the video).
  • Use filters and special effects to transform the visual style and appearance of the video.
  • Capture webcam video as part of your video guide and even use ‘picture-in-picture’ style special effects to show the webcam video at the same time you’re showing your screen.

With these features, you should be able to make your how-to video guide look and feel professional. At first it may all seem a bit daunting, but by jumping straight in, you’ll see just how intuitive the Movavi Screen Capture Studio really is, and you’ll be comfortable with how to use its features in no time. Try to experiment with all the options that are your disposal, and you won’t regret the results that you’re able to obtain.

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