Introduction to Fiverr – Sell any service for $5!

If you are an experienced webmaster, you have probably heard of the micro freelancing gig site Fiverr. Some people use it as a tool to promote their services to make hundreds of dollars per day, though it’s hard to get started – competition is fierce and there are many people competing for orders. So basically, here’s an introduction to Fiverr:

It’s a site in which people can post “gigs” which is basically a service they provide, and you get paid $5 for it.

Introduction to Fiverr

There are a wide range of services you can provide, such as:

  • Writing Articles
  • Making Logos
  • Designing websites
  • Translation
  • Programming
  • Marketing
  • Create Commercials

However, since there are so many of these gigs available already, it is hard to get sales (unless you have other promotional methods, such as followers on your social media pages or your own personal websites). On the other hand, if you have a profitable, creative, and interesting idea, you could easily reach a lot of sales.

Some services require almost no effort on your part at all, such as this one:

Get a mailing list of 200000 emails!

The seller prepared the mailing list and can sell it to many people with little effort. Nice, huh?

Some people get sales by being different. Or weird. For example, this person would rub chocolate syrup on his belly and sing happy birthday! It has received around 500 reviews.

Marketing. That’s how to get your gig started to make some sales. Get some reviews, spread the word, and grow Fiverr into a $1k/mo business.

To stand out in Fiverr isn’t difficult, despite what many think. Success might be slow at first, but you need to stand out from the other 2000 gigs out there and market yourself out! Thanks for reading this article, and don’t forget to share, like, and comment! 😉

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