Introduction to Freelance Writing

Welcome, to the Nukeblogger Introduction to Freelance Writing. Freelance writing is a difficult business – there are two types of Freelance writers online. The first type, is those who work for scraps – sometimes as little as $1 for a 500 word article! When I started out, I was like that too. I wrote for revenue sharing sites, earning an odd dollar here and there on sites like Hubpages and Bubblews, although I couldn’t cashout my earnings.Introduction to Freelance Writing

The second type of writers, they have a steady string of clients that are not from those job boards such as Elance or or something like that, and neither do they work for content mills like demand media studios or, god forbid, cheap article-churning sites like iWriter and Textbroker. Instead, they have a private clients, and they write for big corporations or popular sites around the web. And if you’re the second type of writer, you’re in luck! The second type of writers can actually make a living writing online, and they can also make a few thousand dollars per month steadily.

The demand for writers will never go away – there will not be a day where computers can generate quality content that is both descriptive and interesting. (Ok, at least not for the next century!) As long as you become the second type of writers, life will be much easier for you as a freelance writer!

If you are looking for just some beer money/pocket money, you can try these following sites:

  • iWriter – You get paid around $2.5 for a 500 word article, though if you consistently write high quality articles, that number increases to around $15.
  • TextBroker – Similar to iWriter, though with a harder to use interface, more “levels”, and slightly higher payouts.
  • Pukitz – You earn $0.5 per month per article. That might not seem like a lot, but if you have something like 100 articles, you can earn an easy recurring income of $50 per month.
  • Odesk/ – These are job boards, and personally I do NOT recommend them. There are people willing to work for pennies there, and in order to actually get a job you have to work far below the minimum wage (for the USA, anyways). I only mentioned it because this is an “Introduction to Freelance Writing” and it’s true that I picked up my first gig on

However, in order to learn the big monies, you have to find your own clients. Businesses usually need good writers and they are willing to pay top dollar. You can visit high-end job board sites like Problogger or BloggingPro, and here at Nukeblogger we’re going to start our own job board soon.

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