LeadsGate Review – The Best Payday Loan Affiliate Program in 2017

Today we’re looking at LeadsGate, one of the top 1 hour payday loans affiliate networks in the world with competitive rates and a payout for every lead.

What is LeadsGate?

Affiliate programming is one of the best ways to earn with a blog or website, and the loan industry provides some of the most competitive and lucrative affiliate payouts in the world of affiliate marketing. LeadsGate is a payday loan affiliate network mainly focusing on US-based loans. They pay per lead, and offer a number of advantages over competing networks. I’ll go over how LeadsGate stands out in a crowded market, how much you can expect to earn with LeadsGate.

How it works

LeadsGate’s affiliate program can be integrated into your website in 3 different ways.

  1. You can send leads directly to your specific affiliate link. All websites are responsive and can be viewed on mobile.
  2. You can integrate the Javascript form directly onto the website by copy-pasting.
  3. LeadsGate provides an API your program can work with to send traffic directly. This option is more technical, but can result in some clever implementatsions

LeadsGate Features

To me, one of the most important features of LeadsGate is that they provide lifetime commissions. Most loan providers only pay you a commission for the original loan the person takes out, but when he/she makes subsequent loans, you don’t get a cut. With LeadsGate’s rebill system, you can receive passive income for any further loans he/she applies for.

Another great feature is that they pay for declines as well. If a lead is declined or cancelled, LeadsGate still pays its affiliates for the lead, which averages to around 5-15% extra income for affiliates. I think this really shows how LeadsGate cares about its affiliates and is dedicated to improve their relationship with their affiliates, which is a reason why I recommend them.

LeadsGate Affiliate Program

Payout Rates – How much can I earn?

LeadsGate gives its affiliates an opportunity to earn hundreds dollars for a single sale, one of the highest in the world. Every time someone applies for a loan, their information is sent to an auction based bidding system, which means that leads are sold to the loan provider that is willing to pay the most for that specific lead. This means that the real-time bidding price for a specific customer can reach high amounts, up to $220/lead. Assuming that you get one lead per day, and that’s up to $6000+ a month and $70000+ a year! There are a variety of different payment withdrawal options, incluyding Paypal, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, and ePayments.

Furthermore, they also offer a referral program, paying you 5% profit of each affiliate you refer. This can eventually build up to a very large affiliate network that makes you passive income over time.

Recently, LeadsGate has also released a new vertical for its affiliates promote: Installment Loans.

Installment Loans

LeadsGate: Verdict

LeadsGate is a leading player in the payday loan affiliate industry, and are dedicated to providing a great rate and service to its affiliates. I’d definitely recommend looking into implementing their program on your website if you’re in a related niche, or if you want to enter one of the most lucrative industries (loans). If you’re interested, click here to sign up!

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