MilesWeb VS Crocweb – The Ultimate Comparison! (Part 1)

Hello! Today, we’re going to compare two great web hosting services, MilesWeb VS CrocWeb. Both of them are big brands with a considerable client base. Which one is better? Which one offers better value? We’ll break the comparison into three parts – first a review on MilesWeb, then a review on CrocWeb, lastly a comparison. Excited for MilesWeb VS CrocWeb? Read on!

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb was founded in 2011 by Amit Deshpande and provides well-valued web hosting.  Indeed, their motto is “Your Hosting, Our Responsibility”, and their headquarters are based in India. Some other India-based companies sacrifice service for money, but not MilesWeb. I have noticed that they don’t seem to oversell! Their plans are quite realistic without all the unlimited disk space and bandwidth scams or blatant overselling. One thing to note is that they seem to offer specialized hosting for many CMSs!

MilesWeb Logo


An area where MilesWeb has amazed me is their support! Many companies offer 24/7 live chat, but either only have a few support officials answering hundreds of chats or their chats aren’t even manned! I contacted MilesWeb via live chat, and they connected me to an official in 9 seconds and responded to my question in 34 seconds. What fast speeds! Many bigger hosting companies don’t offer such support. For example, I waited 17 minutes before I got to talk to anyone in Hostgator. Feel free to check it out.

Plans and Prices

MilesWeb offers many cost-efficient plans. One of its best valued plans for starting a blog, is its affordable hosting plans. It sure is cheap, starting at only $15 per year! If you would like a slightly bigger plan try the normal shared plans, and also check out the WordPress hosting with WordPress-optimized servers.

MilesWeb VS CrocWeb

MilesWeb VS CrocWeb, who will win? Stay tuned for my next post in which I will review CrocWeb, and the final post where I will compare the two services!

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