ouo.io Review – The Best Link Shortener of 2017?

Link shorteners are one of the best ways to monetize blogs with a high amount of traffic. They don’t take away from the design of your own website, and instead display advertisements to the user when they click a link away from your site. For some niches, such as file download or video streaming sites, link shorteners can be very lucrative. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Ouo.io, one of the best link shorteners in 2017. In fact, you may have come across an ouo.io link while browsing the web. Here’s an example.

Why ouo.io?

Monetized link shorteners are nothing new – we’ve reviewed a few here on NukeBlogger in the past, and there are plenty of other options such as Adf.ly and Linkbucks. However, ouo.io has a number of advantages over them that I believe are more attractive for bloggers.

Better User Experience

Most of these other link shorteners take the user to a full-page ad and force users to wait 5, sometimes even more seconds before they can access the link. Moreover, they often have a very clunky/ugly interface. ouo.io uses a clean, flat design on all their links and the advertisements are just regular banner ads.

Higher Payout Rates

You can check out ouo.io’s payment rates are here. They pay a different rate per 1000 visitors for each country, with countries like the USA, UK, and Australia paying out the most. In those countries, you can earn $4-5 per 1000 visitors. More importantly, they pay very well for usually lower-paying countries. For example, adf.ly pays less than $0.5 for visitors from some countries, sometimes even less. On the other hand, ouo.io promises a minimum of $1.5 per 1000 visitors no matter where they are from. If your main viewership is from countries like India and Pakistan, ouo.io is undeniably the number one choice.

Repeat Visits Counted

While other link shorteners do not count multiple views by one visitor as multiple hits, ouo.io does. For sites with lots of interlinking content, using ouo.io would increase your revenue by a wide margin. An example would be a membership site, where one visitor would go on 4-5 different links. Whereas this would previously only be counted as one click, with ouo.io it will get counted as 4-5 clicks.

Payment Proof

Here’s the ouo.io dashboard, where my previous transactions are recorded:

ouo.io Transaction History

They offer two types of payment: PayPal and Payza, and their payment threshold is very low at only $5 USD. This means that you’d be able to easily cash out after receiving a couple thousand visitors. There is no need to withdraw payments manually. Instead, payments are made automatically on the 1st and 15th of each month.

How it Works

So let’s run through the sign up process. It’s relatively easy, and there’s not a lot of information you have to fill out. Accounts are all approved instantly, so you won’t have to wait a couple days before you are allowed to use your account!

ouo.io signup

ouo.io has an incredibly simply signup form. That’s all the info you’ll need to fill out!

After you sign in, you’re greeted with a clean, minimalist dashboard. There’s not too many features, but that’s a good thing in online advertising dashboards which sometimes are filled with too much information/difficult to navigate.

Adding a new shortened link is very simple. Press “New Shorten Link” in the top left corner of the dashboard, and paste in the URL of the link you want to point the user to. The shortened link is automatically created, as you can see in the following image.

ouo.io link

Shortening links in ouo.io is fast and easy.

Useful Tools

ouo.io provides 3 tools for various uses – mostly these are helpful for people who run large sites or multiple sites. I’ve outlined them briefly here:

  • Mass Shrinker – That’s basically all it does – shrink a large amount of links at once. Do note not to abuse this tool, as that can lead to the feature being banned for your account.
  • Quick Link – This is an API for all of you programmers out there who would like to build tools/platforms that utilize ouo.io’s link shortening technology. It’s very easy to use
  • Full Page Script – Turns every single link on your site into an ouo.io link. This is useful if you have many links on one site. You can also set exceptions so internal links (links to other pages on your site) won’t become ouo.io links.

Referral Program

If you love using ouo.io, you can get rewarded for recommending them to your friends and your audience. They pay you 20% of what your referrals receive. This is a pretty good rate, since most referral programs only pay 10% of what your referrals earn. They also include well-designed banners that you can use on your site to promote them. Here’s an example:

Finishing Words

Overall, I’m very impressed with ouo.io, one of the best link shortening services on the market in 2017. They boast decent payouts, blogger-friendly terms, useful tools and an easy to use interface. I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking for an extra way to monetize your website or your social media following. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll try my best to reply!

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