Pay Per View Sites with Writer’s Tools You’ll Love

We like to provide the writers of our sites with tools that they can use to make the articles better and to increase the time that readers spend on the page.  Not only do these tools help make articles more visually interesting but it helps the site make more money and the writers make more in the long run, too.

Writer’s Tools You’ll Love

writers tools you'll love

The review module on Writedge and Daily Two Cents

When it comes right down to it, writers are there to make money. Sure, some of them just love to write but the potential earnings are what keep most of them there.  Writers make money when people read their articles and share them with their friends.  People don’t share articles that are just a big block of text.  They want videos, pictures, and other visual excitement. We wanted to make sure that writers get the writers’s tools you’ll love!

Some of the tools include:

  • Review modules for Amazon products: book reviews, movie reviews, and other products can be displayed in our review module that makes the article stand out and allows the writer to give the product a star rating that is displayed on the front page after it is published.  Review modules have an graphic at the bottom of the section that encourages readers to find the product on Amazon and that graphic has the writer’s link in it, which means the writer earns 100% of the commission of any products bought.
  • Recipe modules: If you love to share your own recipes this module displays it in a fun and easy to read manner.
  • Special text boxes: Want to make something stand out?  Put it in a colored text box and readers won’t miss it!
  • Easy to add pictures: Zemanta makes it easy for writers to add pictures to their post without having to search through various sources for royalty free pictures.  Not all of the pictures displayed through Zemanta can be used but the majority of them can be.  Zemanta makes it easy to add a featured picture that shows up on the front page, too.
  • Easy add videos: With the click of a button it is super easy to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sources.
  • Social Polls: Poll your readers with attractive modules that encourage social sharing.
  • Quizzes: Want to quiz your readers on their knowledge.  Simple to add quizzes allow you to create a quiz within your article, show your reader the right answer after they have made their choice, and even provide them with additional information.

With all these tools, it is easy to create articles that are interesting to readers and shareworthy.

Daily Two Cents and Writedge support forums

Daily Two Cents and Writedge support forums

Support You’ll Love

Writers will also love the support on the site.  Need to learn how to use WordPress (both sites are based on this platform)? We are both available to answer questions.  Not sure how to use one of the tools?  We’ve got a YouTube channel with videos that explain how to use them and a blog with written tutorials! Want ideas on getting more traffic to your articles? Our forums are perfect for that!  Need keyword ideas?  Just ask!  I already have a list of keywords that can be used by anyone that writes for our sites and if you ask for keywords on a specific topic I’ll go find them for you!

Our support features include:

  • Facebook Groups
  • On site forums
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • FAQ and Ticket submission from within the Dashboard
  • YouTube channel
  • Blog

Michelle and I are both active online on a regular basis so you can find us in the forums or in our Facebook Groups quickly. We also have a couple of admins/moderators that are available to answer questions when we are not there.

Over the past couple months we’ve seen some nice growth with an increase in writers and articles and Alexa rank.  Writedge and Daily Two Cents are going to be the sites that you wished you’d joined when they were young – unless you get in now and become part of a growing business model that is based on putting writers first!

Ready to get started?  You can find the join links here!

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