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More residual income sites?  Yes!  Writedge and Daily Two Cents are residual income sites where writers can make money by writing about the topics that interest them most.  Writers get paid for each unique view for as long as the articles remain on the sites.  There are two of the very few pay per view writing sites. That means that the article you write today could continue to earn money for you for years to come, without doing any more work on it.

Let me introduce myself and my writing partner.  I’m Danielle McGaw and I’ve been writing online for about 10 years. For the past 8 years I have been earning money as a freelance writer and I have been using residual income as a means of earning for about 5 of those years.  Michelle Harlow is my partner.  We met when I did some writing for some of her sites.  Over the years, we spent a lot of time talking about making money online and the various ways to do that.  In 2014, we decide that it was time for a partnership.

pay per view sites for writers

Does the Internet Need More Pay Per View Writing Sites?

You might think that there are enough online residual income sites and pay per view writing sites.  I hear that a lot. However, there are also a lot of problems with many of the ones that exist and Michelle and I have found a lot of very unhappy writers – especially in the past year.

Some of the complaints that we have come across include:

  • The sites don’t pay when they say they will
  • I have multiple missed payments
  • I don’t get any feedback
  • The site doesn’t offer enough support
  • My questions don’t get answered
  • My articles got deleted and I don’t know why
  • My account got deleted and I don’t know why
  • My articles were unpublished and the site is not clear about what the problems are

Do those sound familiar to you?  We’ve heard all of these and more, too.  Not all residual income writing sites have these problems but there’s only one site out there that I have not heard at least one of these complaints about.

Ultimately, what it comes down to is that writers are looking for sites that they can write at, make money, and feel that they are valued by the sites. When writers don’t get responses to their emails, don’t get answers to questions, and have articles and accounts deleted without any reason given or sometimes, without any warning, they feel that they are not important to the sites.

Michelle and I know that the writers are what keep sites like our growing and making money.  When the writers are happy, we’re happy. When the writers feel valued, more writers will come.  And when the writers are making money, we are making money and isn’t that the bottom line for everyone?

About the Sites

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Writedge is the first site that we created. It is meant to be a more serious article site (although you can use first person and be casual if it fits the tone of the article).  Articles must be 400 words in length at minimum.  We expect writers to use proper spelling and grammar.  You can use pictures (must be attributed and come from royalty free sources or be your own) and you can include 1 self-serving link for each 250 words of text in the article, up to a maximum of 4 links.  And yes, these self-serving links can be to Amazon and other affiliate programs!  That means that besides the fact that writers will get paid ½ cent for each unique view, you can also earn from sales of affiliate products and you get to keep 100% of those earnings.

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Daily Two Cents is the sister site.  I originally started this as My Two Cents and created it mainly as a site where I could put short articles, casual thoughts, rants, reviews and other fun stuff – you know, the kind of posts that people like to share.  I invited a few people to join me and let them use their own Adsense codes.  However, when Michelle and I decided to make this a sister site, we changed things up a bit so that it would also be a pay-per-view earning site.  Writers earn ½ a cent per unique view on articles on Daily Two Cents, too.  They can use one self-serving link and like on Writedge, it can be to Amazon or another affiliate program.

(Note that we do reserve the right not to accept links to certain affiliate programs, like ClickBank)

Keep your eye on this blog for part two, when I’ll tell you about some of the things you will love about Writedge and Daily Two Cents!  These are the reasons our current writers are so excited to be part of our sites!

Of course, if you’re ready now you can go here to sign up!

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