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Making Money from Your Blog – Review


One of the most popular reasons to create a blog is to make money. There are many ways to make money with your blog – adsense (or its alternatives), affiliate links, paid reviews, direct ads, and more. Today, I’m going to talk about another way of monetizing your blog. And that is – link shorteners! Welcome to this review.

For example, I’m going to share my new post to my subscribers on Facebook. However, the link is quite long! Then, I can use a link shortener. There are many great link shorteners out there, such as google’s. How do I make money from it though? This is because, when someone clicks on the link, the reader has to view an ad for 5 seconds, and then you can go to page you wanted to go to.

There are similar services such as and, but pays out the most and also is the most user friendly. I also feel that ads are better than those with other companies. You can checkout at only $5 dollars, and you can get paid via paypal.

Want to see what it looks like? You can see it live in this link I made here. The link took me 3 seconds to create! , pretty cool right? A click earns you about 0.001 on average. Think that isn’t a lot? If you have hundreds or even thousands of subscribers, each link you post can earn you a few bucks, and this can slowly add Logo

As of March 17th, 2014, I have earned approximately $2.3 with Which is pretty good! In the past I had used, but I didn’t receive a payout at all. is one of the only legitimate companies in this industry, and that also contributed to its quick rise to fame. Most of the other legit companies offer less than this, and there are some that offer more, but are hardly legitimate or even payout.

An interesting fact is that provides different rates for different countries. The highest rates go to the USA, currently at $3.73 per 1000 views. The lowest rates go to Eritrea, a country in Africa $0.3 per thousand views, but the average is somewhere between 0.0007-0.001. Check out the payment rates for the different countries here.

Do they really pay? This is a common worry in the internet world, full of scams and cheating people. Here are links to payment proofs I’ve found online (and yes, these are links!):

All of these links show hundreds of dollars cashed out! That is pretty impressive. They also offer many tools to help you earn money (and help them earn money :)):

  • Quick Links – Basically just copy your destination address with a special API token. You can find it after logging in and going to tools.
  • API (for developers)
  • Website Monetization – This one’s great for anyone who has a big website. Just place the code in your header/footer, and the tool turns all the links in your site into shortened links. Or you can chose only to only show it for leaving/coming visitors.
  • Share widget – This one doesn’t only encourages visitors to share your page, but also lets them share your site through a link.
  • WordPress Plugin

There’s only 1 problem with (and many other URL shorteners). People can easily get pissed off if they see too much of these links. As a result, I think it’s a good idea to use it on your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ Pages, but not the full page script that monetizes every single links on your site. is a relatively good link shortener compared to its competitors, as they sometimes show scams/adult content, while’s ads are generally more appropriate for the general public. Also, doesn’t pay as much as Adsense or Chitika. However, this is because the visitor does not have to click on the ad for you to earn money – merely viewing it for 5 seconds is enough.

In all, is a great way to monetize your blog. Don’t expect to be instant millionares, but the pennies can add up to dollars, to tens and hundreds. Also check out their official guides here. What do you think about Will you implement it on your site? Feel free to comment!

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