How to Start a Fiverr Business – Part 2

Hello, Ryan here. Ian, a writer based in Ohio, will be contributing a series of guest posts titled “How to Start a Fiverr Business”. This is part 2.


In my last post, I introduced Fiverr and its many benefits. Today, I’m going to share with you some tips and tricks I’ve learned from my ten months as a seller on the site.

After you sign up for an account and post a few Gigs, you begin to wonder how people are ever going to find you. Fiverr’s community of sellers is not a sea, but a tumultuous ocean with too much detritus floating around. I’ll be honest; it took a few weeks for me to get my first gig, but after that, I began having consistent work. So how do you get people to find you and your wonderful services?

Here’s Tip #1: Share your gigs. It might seem obvious, but I have to say it. It’s a great way to jumpstart the process, especially if you can reach out to an audience that needs quality work done quickly on the cheap. Social media platforms are great for this. If a friend of a friend needs some work done, you’ve got your first Gig.

If you can generate a first Gig on your own, chances are they’ll keep coming after that. Even if you can’t, fear not! Even though the community of sellers is colossal, the community of buyers is as large and could be larger. Wait a little bit, and your patience will surely be rewarded.

Another problem with reach is the large volume of similar Gigs. Say you offer SEO optimized content writing. You know you offer better service than your competitors, but the issue is that there are a million Gigs with the title “I will write SEO optimized content.”

And that brings me to Tip #2: Make your Gigs stand out. Again, this might seem obvious, but it’s an integral part of the selling process. The first thing you should do is title your Gig in a unique and relevant way. For instance, “I will write up to 250 words of unique SEO content” is much better than “I will write SEO optimized content.” The latter only gives the big picture, and the client won’t want to click and read more. People skim headlines and go by first impressions, so placing as much detail as you can in your title is a must.

Furthermore, you can use formatting to make the beginning of your Gig description pop out from the page. “Need unique, high-quality SEO optimized content? Let me help!” reads and sounds much better than “As a freelance writer, I write quality SEO optimized content.” You get the idea. People don’t have time, so put the most important information at the beginning, inverted triangle style, and it’ll catch attention more easily.

Now that you have orders coming in, it’s time to deal with processing clients. In the next post in this series, I give you some tips to ensure customer satisfaction.

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