Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives

When you hit a certain point in the growth of your site, it makes sense to start looking for ways to monetize. You’re writing the content, putting in the time, you should get paid for it, right? Now, everyone’s heard of Google’s Adsense but they’re not for everybody. And there are plenty of alternatives. This article will present top 10 google adsense alternatives! Let’s get started.

1. Qadabra

Simplicity is the name of the game when working with Qadabra: registration is easy, the payout threshold is just $1, and their support team is responsive. Definitely look at Qadabra as an Adsense alternative. The only drawback is that pay per click is extremely low. In one month, one of my sites received 25 clicks, and I earned 0.08. The algorithm does seem to be strange.

Score: 7/10 Great for new bloggers, but the earnings are bad.

2. BidVertiser

BidVertiser’s another advertising network that is very easy to sign up for – you can be earning within minutes. They are a PPC network that also offers potential affiliate earnings off the clicks you generate. The minimum payout is $50 with paypal.

Score: 6/10 Bidvertiser is quite similar to Qadabra, but the minimum payout is much higher.

3. Yahoo/Bing Ad Network

Yahoo/Bing’s answer to Adsense, the Yahoo/Bing network operates on a very similar principle. They still commands a decent share of search traffic, and you have the potential to make some good income.

Score: 8/10 A viable alternative. As you can see, Google Adsense is so big that yahoo and microsoft are teaming up to provide an alternative!

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is a PPC network that will allow you to monetize your site based on certain keywords. They’ll scan your site, convert those keywords to links, which will then display the ads when the user puts the mouse over them.

Score: 8/10 Infolinks can make you some money if used correctly, and it’s not as intrusive as pop-ups.

5. Chitika

Chitika provides search-focused advertisements for your site. Meaning, if someone visits your site using a search engine, Chitika would show ads based on their search terms. If they didn’t come through search, they wouldn’t see any ads. This provides a way to monetize your casual visitors, while not isolating your loyal readers with advertisements. It also pays great – once I received $0.46, just for a single click!

Score: 9/10 Chitika is one of the best ad networks. In fact, the ads you see on the top and bottom of each post in Nukeblogger are Chitika ads! They certainly deserve a place in Nukeblogger’s Top 10 Google Adsense alternatives.

6. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a bit different. They allow you to sell your ad space directly to advertisers. Just sign up, add your site to their marketplace, paste the code to your site, and advertisers will bid for your space.

Score: 8/10 If you have a popular blog, BuySellAds works like a charm and can make you more money than adsense.

7. Tribal Fusion

IF you meet their traffic and site requirements, Tribal Fusion offers you some of the highest CPM rates out there. They’re definitely worth a look for established sites.

Score: 7.5/10 This is a tricky one…. If most of your traffic comes from search engines, go for a PPC network. But if you have lots of social media/recurring visitors (mailing list subscribers, rss feeds, etc.) this just might work well.

8. Casale Media

Casale Media is a CPM network and a solid adsense alternative. They’re known for providing good payouts.

Score: 7/10 Similar to Tribal Fusion.

9. Clicksor

Clicksor is an ad network that is very easy to get set up on, and offers all manner of ads for its clients: banner ads, popus, and text ads. However, I’ve had some bad experience with Clicksor. Their ads don’t look as well as Chitika or Adsense, and one of their ads simply redirected the readers away from my site!

Score: 6/10 Not the best option.

10. Kontera

Kontera is a good network to explore if your traffic is high and comes from higher-spending areas like the US or Europe. They’re an in-text advertising network, and will add links to your content.

Score: 7/10 Similar to Infolinks.

11. Direct Advertisements

This is the biggest earner if you have a popular site. Advertisers contact you directly to buy advertising space, usually with a monthly fee or other benefits (free products, etc.)

Score: 9/10 Great earnings, but you’re lucky if you find one!

So here they are, the top 10 google AdSense alternatives. Ok – I know I added one more extra, but hey, it’s a good surprise, isn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a nice day.

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