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Hello there, Nukebloggers! Today we’ll be reviewing an up and coming host based in Australia, named WebTech Hosts! Finding good hosting is hard, and finding good hosting that’s cheap is even harder. Do they live up to their claims of 99% uptime? I signed up for their basic web hosting plan – the Bronze plan with my website webdsgn.org to test out their services.

Server Details

The servers are based in Canada and Netherlands, and you have a choice between the two. You can visit my website webdsgn.org which is currently hosted on there, and their speed is pretty decent. WebTech uses the standard cPanel, and also is integrated with Cloudflare – more details here. Also, they offer the standard Softaculous, which is by far the best automatic script installer out there.

How’s the uptime?

Their promised uptime is only 99% which could be higher, but don’t be fooled by that – their actual uptime, in fact, was 100% over the last 30 days according to this uptime report, except for some maintenance which I’ll cover next.

Sites Down? Just Maintenance.

There was a short period of maintenance which I experienced during my time with WebTech Hosts, but it was announced well in advance and finished quickly. They clearly stated that their maintenance was for upgrading the cPanel software.

Here is the uptime tracker screenshot before the maintenance:

Here is the uptime tracker screenshot after the maintenance (the 19 minutes was the maintenance):

As you can see here, their uptime is phenomenal. I think that after they have developed more, they’ll need less maintenances like this one, though it’s hard to say.

Awesome Chat Support

Their chat support is truly great. After opening a chat, they started talking in around 25 seconds and replies were all within 10 seconds (unless the text was really long). The chat technician was quite helpful too. They seemed to be always typing, and seemed to be focused on me, not trying to multitask and type to 10 people at the same time :).

Range of Services

A range of services were offered in WebTech Hosts. While other hosts often concentrate on one or two types of services, WebTech Hosts offers it all, ranging from shared hosting to reseller hosting, to VPS and dedicated servers. Their prices seem just right, low enough to remain competitive, but not too low as to suggest blatant overselling.

They also offer domain name registration, SSL certificates, and *gasp* free hosting. Free hosting? Doesn’t that mean you’ll get a terrible interface and your website will be plastered with ads? Not with WebTech Hosts. They offer a modest but enough 1GB with no catches, though the service is only for non-profits and charities. Here’s the link to the free hosting service.

WebTech Hosts –  The Verdict

WebTech Hosts is a great host no matter in terms of value, range of services, support quality, and server speeds and uptime. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for personal or business hosting with a small-mid level budget. If you have any questions and comments, do leave a comment below, and don’t forget to like and share. It helps to keep Nukeblogger going! Thanks for reading.

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