Why I Upgraded to a Premium Theme – Part 1

If you’ve been a regular reader of Nukeblogger for the last few months or so, you’ll notice that we’ve had some pretty drastic changes to our website. We’ve got a brand new, premium theme that looks much better (I hope) than the old one! Let’s go over a history of Nukeblogger’s themes.

Nukeblogger has had several theme transitions, from the first Icy theme:

This theme looked quite good – I liked the clean design, but ultimately it didn’t have enough features and looked a little too plain as I wanted to add some things in like subscription boxes, etc. Also, the theme would sometimes have small quirks and I didn’t want to pay for the premium version of Icy which would give me more customization options.

As a result, I moved on to Nukeblogger’s next theme: Hueman.

The Hueman theme was a good theme. However, it was extremely popular – with more than 500k downloads, I saw websites with the same theme often and many bloggers who visited Nukeblogger may think: “Ah, this website is using that same theme that hundreds of other sites are using.”, and that’s a terrible first impression for anyone to think.  Also, I thought that the theme was lacking in some features – turns out this was because I had downloaded the theme from WordPress.org instead from their official website which offered more features such as social buttons that normally only exist in Premium Themes. That said, Hueman is a great theme that you should definitely check out.

After I noticed that there were some issues with displaying the theme properly, I moved on to Point.

Point worked well, had a nice featured post section and a header banner area with call-to-action buttons that I liked very much. However, I didn’t really appreciate it’s boxed layout or the fact that thousands of other sites in the internet were also using it. Also, the logo area was a little small and I’d appreciate it to be a little more colorful.


Point was a great theme nevertheless, and I liked parts of it (just wanted something better!). As a result, I checked out their company, MyThemeShop and found a theme I liked: NewsOnline. Why was this my first choice?

  • My Favorite Ad Spot – Ads at the right header!
  • Optimization with Speeds and SEO
  • Better Featured Section
  • Infinite Scrolling (Go to the Homepage and keep scrolling down.)
  • Ajax Search (Type up a keyword such as “adsense” in the search bar, wait for a few seconds, and search results will come up!)
  • MyThemeShop also provides support for its premium themes whereas I could only resort to user forums for free themes.

In general, premium themes hold a variety of advantages over free themes, and I’ll address that in Part 2!

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